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Международный Тренинг Центр Промышленной

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Courses for technologists "Screen printing on textiles". Will allow you to understand all the nuances of the organization and maintenance of the process of silk-screen printing on textiles, t-shirts and children's clothing at a modern, effective level.

International Training center of industr

These are the courses of screen printing printers. Do you want to learn all the subtleties of silk-screen printing on textiles? See the features of printing on fabric? Having passed our courses you will be able to print the most difficult designs both on finished products and on a knitted cut!

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In these courses you will learn how to produce screen-printed form, the emulsion and the mesh on the basis of the design and the type of paint (water-based paint, plastitalia paint or solvent-based), how to regenerate the mesh prolongs the run length!


Courses "color Separation of images and their preparation for printing on textiles" will open up to you the nuances of preparing layouts for silk-screen printing on textiles. Show the difference in the color separation of bitmap and spot images on white textiles and on a dark base.

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International Training Center of Industrial Printing provides training services for technologists and printers screen printing on the production of the customer. Terms, terms, training program and cost are agreed individually.